Corona Del Mar Therapist

Kerry Alcott, LMFT

Counseling in Corona Del Mar

I specialize in helping clients reach their full potential. I’ve found that most of us already possess what it takes to have a fulfilling life but often we need an outside, unbiased perspective to better understand ourselves and deeper desires.

As a licensed therapist in CDM, I work with clients in a collaborative and supportive style. Often clients come to my office in some kind of distress or pain. The work we do together sheds light on what is happening and can help reduce these feelings, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own skin and connected to your loved ones. The best therapist for you is the one you feel you can work with and be yourself. No one methodology of therapy works best for everyone.

I offer counseling for:

Although it can feel a little scary to get started, underneath it all, you know when you need to start making changes. I am here to help.

Connect with me by phone or text at (949)246-1888 or